Re-upholstery from Heritage Upholsterers

Once your piece of  furniture has been collected free of charge and taken back to our Somerset upholstery workshop, we begin the process of re-upholstering.

The first of these stages is called ‘taking down’. Essentially this is a process of removing all of the existing materials right down to the frame and assessing which parts need to be replaced, such as worn springs, and which can be kept.

At the next stage the upholsterer will inspect the frame and ‘make good’ where necessary.

Then, moving on, the parts that need replacing are done, which includes new webbing, padding, springs etc.

Finally the top material is replaced, chosen from Heritage Upholsterers extensive range of fabrics and leathers or from your own source. This final stage also includes the ‘deep-buttoning’ and any tacking required to finsh the piece to the required standard.

Bespoke Design from Heritage Upholsterers

Contact us for a unique commission

Always had in mind that special chair that you just wanted to relax into? Well we can help! Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and we’ll make that design idea a reality.

Loose Covers from Heritage Upholsterers

If your piece of furniture is essentially in good condition but you’re just tired of the look, then loose covers are a really good cost effective solution. They have the advantage in most cases of being washable, easily maintained and have a greatest number of fabric styles to choose from. Heritage Upholsterers will be able to advise on whether loose covers or full re-upholstery will be the best option for you.

Restoration from Heritage Upholsterers

If you want to restore that treasured family heirloom to it’s former glory, or you’ve just purchased an antique piece that’s seen better days, Heritage Upholsterers is the place to come to. Using traditional upholstery techniques and materials it won’t be too long before you have in your possession something as good as new!

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Heritage Upholsterers will also collect and deliver free of charge.